The X-Effective Academy is a Test preparation coaching academy. X-Effective is coaching those who going to abroad for higher education and don’t bear a skill of communication. In Pakistan many reputed institutes have strict policies for their applicants to maintain the National and international standard, they are demanding SAT, GMAT, GRE, ILETS etc. X-Effective trained to their students like these tracks.

The Result of X-Effective coaching is 100%. X-Effective coaching center is very careful about their students, they set about the coaching of their students from scratch and guide them right ways. Over 30000 to 40000 students have successfully gained admission in reputed institutions in the nation and over the country.

X-Effective trained the people those who want to dream jobs in corporate sectors and they don’t have enough communication skills, X-Effective coaching center is helping to they give the confidence empowerty to their students for fluent communication.

Many numbers of student got dream jobs national and multinational companies in the nation and over the country after training and enjoying the luxurious status.

Mr.Muhammad Aurangzeb , the principle of X-Effective training institute. He actually started his system in 1994. He has a vast of experience in coaching and counseling. Back to 28 years when he started, it was a very crucial time 70% people did not experience what is ILETS, CAT, GRE and so on, Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb was aware the people about ILETS, GRE, GMAT and so on, that time, many institutes were working on these paths, but Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb introduced new methods of counseling and coaching. The result, he succeeds, and his organization known as a well-reputed organization. He is very hard working man and sincere to his students, due to his hard work large numbers of students have been succeeded. Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb converted his organization to a private limited company in 2006.

He determined to provide the quality coaching to his students. He provides counseling college and university students very sincerely. X-Effective earned a respectable reputation in the educational market with hardworking and loyal.

X-Effective is providing other educational services like tuition service for primary and secondary educational levels. In order to be successful and motivating students, training needs to be fun. X-Effective has made sure that all students come with a view to finding out something positive. Students freely interact with each other to learn, and we have taken great pains to maintain our facilities with the utmost attention and affection. We take pride in the fact that no other center provides the great atmosphere and environment that we act.

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